Dames Point Park / El Faro Memorial

Tucked away under the highest bridge in Jacksonville is a small river front park: Dames Point Park. This park offers a view across the river to Quarantine Island and the river traffic coming and going from Blount Island. Most notable, however, is the memorial for the El Faro.

The MV El Faro, a cargo ship, was tragically lost at sea on October 1, 2015. The ship, which was en route from Jacksonville to Puerto Rico, encountered Hurricane Joaquin, a Category 3 hurricane. The vessel succumbed to the fierce storm, ultimately leading to the loss of all 33 crew members aboard.

This park seems to have fallen into disrepair, however. While the memorial for the El Faro is well maintained, the facilities are unkept and the dock has partially sunken into the river. However, the view at the park provides a unique perspective of the Dames Point Bridge and the surrounding area. Since it’s below the bridge, this could be a more convenient place to visit on a rainy day, compared to other exposed parks. This is a relatively small location, and it’s easy to include in a trip to the nearby Yellow Bluff Fort – just around the corner.

For more information on the park, check out the city’s website.