Yellow Bluff Fort

Hidden alongside a road that winds its way under the interstate, is an old Civil War battlement. Yellow Bluff Fort is an old earthwork, since eroded and over-grown alongside a turn in the river. At its peak, this strategic location contained large guns and 250 soldiers. Now, this park is a quiet and largely unused location where one can walk around and through the old earthworks.

Originally constructed in 1862 by the Confederate Army, the fort was strategically positioned to defend the river from Union forces. During the Civil War, control of the St. Johns River was of great military importance, as it facilitated transportation and communication for both Confederate and Union forces. Yellow Bluff Fort served as a vital defense point, armed with cannons and infantry to deter any Union advancement along the river.

Yellow Bluff Fort played a pivotal role in the defense strategy of the Confederate Army during the Civil War. It was part of a network of fortifications established to protect key waterways, making it an essential stronghold in the region.

The fort saw action during the war, with notable events including skirmishes and engagements with Union naval forces. Although it ultimately fell to Union troops in 1862, its historical significance remains intact, preserving a crucial part of American history.

This 1.3 acre park is open 8am – sunset 7 days a week. More information for planning a visit can be found here.