Betz-Tiger Point Preserve

At the end of a gravel road in the newly created 7 Creeks Recreation Area, Betz-Tiger Point Preserve is a quiet park along the marsh featuring bike trails, horseback riding, and fishing. Pumpkin Hill Road’s pavement ends and once the gravel starts, you’ve entered the park. Just within the entrance is the first structure – primitive restrooms, a parking area and access to a fishing dock. Further down the road, you’ll find another set of restrooms and a short paved nature walk leading to another dock.

Along the perimeter of this spit of land runs a network of trails that ultimately lead into the other parks that sit adjacent to this one. These trails run under the pines with an occasional detour to the edge of the marsh, where small fiddler crabs can be seen running to their burrows at low tide. Some of these points are built out of the ‘black rocks’ that appear in this part of Florida. None of the trails are particularly challenging or inaccessible. Some trails have been cut across old palm meadow forests, so the root system may make the ground unstable in places.