Yellow Bluff Fort

Hidden alongside a road that winds its way under the interstate, is an old Civil War battlement. Yellow Bluff Fort is an old earthwork, since eroded and over-grown alongside a turn in the river. At its peak, this strategic location contains large guns and 250 soldiers. Now, this park is a quiet and largely unused […]

Dames Point Park

Tucked away under the highest bridge in Jacksonville is a small river front park: Dames Point Park. This park offers a view across the river to Quarantine Island and the river traffic coming and going from Blount Island. Most notable, however, is the memorial for the 33 crew members of the El Faro who passed […]

Stockton Park

A quiet and well appointed feature of the Ortega Riverfront is Stockton Park. This park is popular place to fish or have a picnic with a river-front view. This area has taken occasional damage from past hurricanes and flooding – there are still a couple of spots that are taped off due to repairs. From […]

Cedar Point

At the southern tip of Black Hammock Island, Cedar Point is the only part of the new 7 Creeks Recreation Area that is a part of the National Park Service. The entrance to the hiking area lies at the very end of Cedar Point Rd, just beyond the boat ramp area that is accessed to […]

Jacksonville Riverwalk

March 2021: The Jacksonville Riverwalk is a quiet, underutilized piece of downtown Jacksonville that has has some recent additions and improvements over the last few years. Consisting of the Northbank and Southbank that run parallel along the river and are connected but the Main Street Bridge and the Acosta bridge, a full circuit of the […]